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FILM TO DVD is your one stop shop for all your conversion of obsolete media formats.Transfering your old film reels to DVD preserves your memories without loss of quality or the fear of the film being damaged.Audio Transfer Services: FILM TO DVD also convert all types of audio cassette direct to CD or MP3 and other digital formats.The first step in a film transfer order is the cleaning and repair procedure.If you have a VHS player (or a camcorder) and a component DVD recorder, just connect the output of the VHS player to the input of the DVD recorder and record directly to the DVD.We specialize in transferring videotapes, photographic slides, and 8mm films to DVD.We use modified Rank Cintel Ultra High Definition scanners with High Definition Optics.

Movie lovers who invested significant amounts of cash building out their DVD or.Our Pro 2K film conversion service is designed to get all of the details from a film to DVD transfer.All comments and questions should be addressed directly to YesVideo.We have the best technology and know-how to transfer all of your video tapes to DVD.AV Conversion Services can do film transfers for 8 mm, 16 mm or Super 8 films to new DVDs, Bluray or even to a digital file for editing.VHS tapes, Hi8, Mini DV, Betacam, Betamax and UMatic tapes to dvd.

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Depending on the age, condition and type of film stock being transferred, the cleaning process will differ, but we really do clean every inch of the film.Unlock your treasured memories and preserve your aging 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm film so they can be shared with family and friends.

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Kevin Hnatiuk (the Digital Dad) shows you how to convert your old Super 8 Film reels to DVD.

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Making DVD, Blu-ray, and digital copies of old home movies is a great way to create your personal family archives, as well as to produce special one-of-a-kind gifts for family, kids, and friends.

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Got Memories film to DVD transfer services utilize the best hardware available to get the job done right the first time.DVD Transfer Service is powered by YesVideo, a partner of is not responsible for the products, delivery, or customer service from this site.

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The Benefits Of Converting Film To DVD. 1. First of all, you will be allowed to save memories that were till then captured on a film (that can easily get damaged) and thus show it off to your children or grandchildren.

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You can delete as many as you want, making sure that your final DVD has only the best images on it.Take advantage of our video to DVD and video transfer to hard drive services.We bring your old home movies back to life by transferring them to DVD.Most of these have a dubbing function that will make copying the tape to DVD easy and fast.

Old 8 mm, 16mm or 9.5 mm films can be transfered to video for ease of viewing.

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You can transfer the film to a video by various methods and one of the simplest ways is to project your film on the wall or projector screen and record it with your camcorder or video camera.Imagine having antique 8mm film modernized and converted to DVD to share with your grandparents.

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Steps on how to convert WMV to DVD Windows 10: Step 1 Launch Wondershare Movie Maker to DVD Windows 10 converter and add WMV files.

Our aerial-capture process produces uniform lighting, unmatched clarity, and stunning color depth.Transferring to DVD, Blu-ray, or digital file on Windows and Mac This process is more involved and requires a few additional materials, but it has its benefits.The latest film scanning machines are used and run in-house, to all film transferring details.Customers are usually in the dark about how a transfer is actually done. 95% of the film transfer industry either project film using standard store bought film projectors and video taping off the wall or a mirror, resulting.

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For the highest quality transfer, film is transferred directly to our computer editing system, where it is review and enhanced scene by scene for color and contrast.

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